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11.2 - Courses Offered in Nutritional Sciences

NS       5233    Research Methods

NS       5823    Energy Nutrients

NS       5833    Non-Energy Nutrients

NS       5090    Current Topics

NS       5104    Nutritional Biochemistry & Physiology

NS       5132    Adult Weight Management

NS       5133    Public Health Nutrition

NS       5134    Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy

NS       5212    Advanced Food & Nutrition Service Mgmnt

NS       5253    Experimental Foods

NS       5272    Geriatric Nutrition

NS       5332    Computers in Nutrition & Foodservice

NS       5412    Clinical Nutrition

NS       5442    Clinical Presentations

NS       5552    Nutritional Epidemiology

NS       6613    Sports Nutrition

NS       5663    Obesity

NS       5860    Advanced Topics in Nutrition

NS       5890    Advanced Clinical Nutrition

NS       5960    Directed Readings

NS       5990    Special Studies: Diabetes and Medical Nutrition Therapy

NS       6103    Pediatric Nutrition

NS       6133    Public Health Nutrition II

NS       6203    Nutrition and Cancer


Additional level 6000 courses in NS will be developed and offered as the program advances. 

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