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11.3 - Courses offered in Rehabilitation Sciences

RS        5132    Seminar Health Care Policy

RS        5133    Infants & Families

RS        5153    Biomechanics

RS        5214    Theories & Application in Sports Medicine

RS        5222    Emergency Care Sports Injury

RS        5233    Current Issues in Sports Physical Therapy

RS        5243    Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

RS        5263    Family and Diversity

RS        5313    Spinal Dysfunction I

RS        5322    Management Soft Tissue Dysfunction

RS        5333    Advanced Peripheral Joint Dysfunction: Assessment and Therapeutic Management

RS        5343    Spinal Dysfunction II: Assessment and Therapeutic Management

RS        5443    Early Intervention and School Based Practice

RS        5450    Introduction Assistive Technology

RS        5463    Preschool Special Needs

RS        5473    Early Intervention

RS        5483    Topics in Assistive Technology

RS        5950    Internship

RS        5960    Directed Readings

RS        5970    Seminar Rehabilitation Sciences

RS        5990    Special Studies (e.g. Supervised Teaching)

RS        6113    Physiology of Rehabilitation

RS        6133    Program Evaluation and Development in Rehabilitation Sciences

RS        6152    Differential Diagnosis in Rehabilitation Sciences

RS        6173    Rehabilitation Sciences I

RS        6232    Applied Radiology and Diagnostic Testing

RS        6233    Arthropology & Tissue Physiology

RS        6243    Sport Med-Special Populations

RS        6253    Current Topics in Pediatric Rehab

RS        6263    Community Assessment Analysis

RS        6273    Rehabilitation Sciences II

RS        6433    Measurement and Assessment

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